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Welcome to Montana Pittie ProjectšŸ¾

Montana Pittie Project is dedicated to working to end the suffering of bully breeds through rescue, rehabilitation, and the education of our community. Our program is a foster and volunteered based rescue located all over Montana.

Montana Pittie Project is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit, but we have been helping save pitties for years! 

Our mission is to rescue bully breeds from shelters, neglectful and abusive situations. We foster and rehabilitate rescued dogs and find them loving forever homes.

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5 thoughts on “Welcome to Montana Pittie ProjectšŸ¾”

  1. Hi
    Saw you recently RESCUED a pittie named Biggie. Have pledge on her and want to honor by mail. Can you please send me a mailing address

    1. Hi Gail,
      Thanks so much for contacting us about honoring your pledge for Biggie! We can’t save dogs without the help of people like you. If you’d like to mail us a check you can send it to: Kathy Clarkin, Montana Pittie Project, P.O. Box 690, St. Ignatius, Montana 59808. Thanks again and please check out Biggie’s profile on our Adoptable Dogs page. Thanks again!

    2. Hi Gail,
      Oh shoot, sorry. I gave you the wrong address. We prefer the check to go to Nicole Vacura, Montana Pittie Project, 7005 Meadow Drive, Missoula, Montana 59808. Either address would work, but Nicole is our treasurer!

      Thanks again!


  2. I am trying to contact somebody concerning an aggressive lab pitbull mix. Great with people, loves to play and will play fetch for hours. Very loving dog until other dogs are around and then he becomes very aggressive. We have 3 other dogs and can not let this one around them because he becomes aggressive. If we can not find him a home, the final alternative is the pound and they have informed us that he will be put down. Can you help us.

    1. Good morning Carla, I’m sorry to hear you’re having troubles with your doggo. We always suggest investing in some training/education because in a relatively short time you really can change your quality of life with your pup. As a foster based rescue we don’t have a facility to take your pup – I’m sorry! I’d try training if you haven’t tried that yet.
      We recommend a few: Loving Leadership (Haley) in Missoula, Method K9 (they even have some free videos online you might check out!), Grey Wolf Canine Rehabilitation, Big Sky K9.

      Good luck!

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