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Happy Endings


The Dukester is another one of our gorgeous rescue dogs from Texas. Prior to rescue, he had been kept outside his whole life and his skin was in horrible condition. Luckily, Duke's skin cleared up rapidly with the help of antibiotics, some good nutrition, and a lot of tender loving care. Also lucky is that Duke was adopted by an absolutely amazing family! He is going to be a very loved and spoiled dog! The best part for Duke is that he now has a doggie sister who tolerates his rambunctious puppy energy. He's clearly very smitten with her! Good luck sweet boy and please remember that shoes are not toys.


Sweet Godiva came to us from a rural shelter in Texas. Godiva is scared of dogs larger than she is and she's not kitty friendly! This combination can make it hard to place dogs. Godiva spent six weeks getting training at Northpack K9 Training to help with her dog reactivity and to establish structure for her. After waiting patiently for her family for months, Godiva has been officially adopted by a lovely family. She's been enjoying napping on their furniture and getting to know her new human brother. Congrats Godiva!


Zoey came into our care as a senior lady who had fallen on hard times. She had recently been beaten up by two dogs and her owner decided that she needed to be re-homed. She had staples and severe separation upon intake into our foster system. She also was a bit chonky (more of her to adore!) and clearly had not been getting regular exercise. Separation anxiety can be hard to manage. However, we found the perfect family for Zoey that was able to looked passed her scarred face, advanced age, and behavioral issues to recognize that she is a beautiful, loving dog who wants nothing more than to be part of a family (and to cuddle!). Best of luck to you sweet bubs and enjoy your happily ever after!


This gorgeous boy was rescued from a shelter in Utah with only hours to spare. His original family took him to the shelter not realizing that black dogs (and especially pit bulls) have a higher than average euthanasia rate at shelters. At first Rocky was sad and anxious at his foster home. Soon though Rocky realized that he had struck gold because now he gets to be a Montana dog! This boy LOVES the outdoors and going on adventures. Lucky for him he was adopted by an amazing couple who take him hiking and camping and (most importantly!) treat him like a family member. Best of luck handsome boy and please make good choices!


Sweet Prescott was picked up as a stray in Texas with a horribly broken leg. Likely, he had been running around on it for 4-6 weeks before we got him to the vet. If that wasn't bad enough, this poor boy also had a hernia, testicular tumors, and was heart worm positive. Despite all of his ailments and being in pain, Prescott was one of the sweetest and happiest boys we've seen. With the help of many generous donations we were able to raise the money to have his broken leg surgically repaired at Bridger Veterinary Specialists in Bozeman. He is now living out his days as a happy four-legged boy with an amazing forever family and a doggie brother named Chip.