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Donations and Statistics


We cannot operate without generous contributions from our supporters! If you would like to help save dogs with a cash donation, please contribute via our PayPal or Venmo (@montanapittieproject) accounts.

We are also always in need of: dog food & treats (unopened), wire crates, collars, harnesses & leashes, baby gates/dog gates, dog bowls (especially slow feed or elevated), puppy pads, dog coats & sweaters, ANTLERS!, kongs, toys, beds, etc. If you have supplies you would like to contribute to our efforts please contact us directly. Also, please feel free to send us supplies from our Amazon 'wish list'. Thank you so much for all of the support. We could not do it without you!

Supplies can be sent or or dropped off at the following locations:


🐾Bart n Biscuits
123 West Kent Avenue
Missoula 59801
(Shipping or drop off- please send email to indicating you are headed here for drop off if so!)


🐾Diggity Dog
2828 Billings Ave
Helena Mt 59601
8-430 M-F

🐾Hammer & Stain Helena
1609 11th Ave Suite G
Helena Mt 59601
(If Its closed they can leave donation at the liquor store with a note for Hammer & Stain/MPP on it 🙂)

🐾2660 Toney Drive
East Helena Mt 59635
(Shipping or drop off- email indicating you are headed here for drop off if so!)


🐾449 E Broadway
Butte MT
(Drop off outside back door with note for Hannah/MPP)


Greetings Fellow Velvet Hippo Lovers! Here is where you will find our annual statistics - the nitty gritty of what/how/why/and how much of all things MPP: We will update this annually or when we have important statistics to share.
2021 dogs saved & in permanent homes: 300
2021 cash donations: $145,000
2021 year end cash balance: $22,000
2021 volunteer fosters: 25
2021 volunteer staffers: 10
2021 paid employees: 0
2021 6 board members - no salaries for anyone.
MPP started with zero dollars, so we funded this little grass roots operation out of our own pockets, with elbow grease, and fueled by a pure love for the pitties, and an unparalleled loathing for animal cruelty and breed specific legislation. So here on our site, we will continue to share with you the unbelievably wild success that MPP has had during our first full year in operation.
Saving the dogs always comes first, but working behind the scenes is my jam and as it turns out, there’s a lot to running a non-profit! From the very first director’s meeting at MPP we decided that our goal is to always be TRANSPARENT. Guided by our corporate principles of honesty, integrity, hard work and our Corporate Statements.
We saved 300 dogs from Texas, California, Colorado, Kansas and those are just the dogs we took in. We networked other shelter dogs, rescued mommas and puppies and medical dogs too! WHAT! You guys are incredible. Note also that we ended the year with $22k in the coffer which helped MPP roll into this year with a solid foundation to continue our work – EVERY CENT has been spent for the direct benefit of the dogs we all love so much. You can see the breakdown – Dog Supplies, Transport, Training (dogs)….Medical (wow, that one was a whopping $39k). This year we are working at an even more furious pace, sometimes it feels a bit unwieldy!
Please believe me when I say we see you. Our hearts are in this. We see the $1, $5, $10 donations, the corporate sponsors, the gifts you send our Fosters through the wish lists, all the merchandise you purchase from us, the cuddly donations/posts. WE SEE YOU! WE APPRECIATE YOU. We are unbelievably proud of you, and thankful for your constant display of astounding generosity. We will continue to work tirelessly to rescue the pitties and to not only earn, but maintain and honor the trust and confidence you have placed in Montana Pittie Project.
I’m especially thankful to our fearless leader and Executive Director Kathy Clarkin because without her efforts, I wouldn’t have my very own Barty Bart, and he wouldn’t be gracing the “cover” of our very first MPP commission Russo artwork. Rescued in 2015, before MPP officially existed. So while we've saved over 300 dogs as MPP; Kat has been at it a long time and has saved many more.
Our hearts are full. We hope yours are too. With all our love and gratitude. Kat, Nikki, Renee, Hanna, Katrina and Traci, and all our volunteers.

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