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Adoptable Dogs


This gorgeous boy is Lennie and he is looking for his forever home! Lennie is a 1.5 year old neutered male who was rescued from Texas. We think that Lennie may be 100% American Bulldog. Lennie is a playful and very sweet young man. He is also strong and has a dominant personality. He can get along with other dogs, but, given his dominant personality, slow introductions are needed and he should be watched during playtime. We recommend a home with no cats or small children given Lennie’s size (80 pounds and thin) and boisterous energy. Lennie is currently working with a professional trainer to help him learn to trust humans as his pack leader. Those interested in adopting Lennie should be committed to maintaining the training structure that we have established.

Graham and Oreo (bonded pair)

Graham and Oreo were found abandoned on a mattress in the middle of the California desert. With the help of so many good people, O&G were flown by volunteers from Pilots N Paws all of the way from California to Montana. Rested, relaxed and recooped! This couple is ready to strike out on their own adventures, see the state, and snuggle up to their new family! O&G would most likely be best in a home with older children as Graham LOVES to give hugs and might knock down a smaller child if excited. These are beautiful dogs guys!!! They need love, understanding and guidance!!! Although they are a package deal; they don’t take a lot of room and actually tend to themselves very well. Due to fear- Oreo doesn’t do great around other dogs larger than her. We would suggest a home with no other pups. If you or someone you know might be a perfect fit for Mr.Graham Crackers and his sweet girl Oreo, please do not hesitate to fill out an application with Montana Pittie Project.


This handsome boy is Obi-wan or Obi for short! Obi is a 3/4 years old neutered male. Obi was rescued from a shelter in San Bernardino, California where he was labeled aggressive and was scheduled to be euthanized. Shelters are stressful for dogs and many of them react out of fear and (like Obi) are labeled aggressive. It turns out Obi is actually a bit of a clown, and has a very goofy personality. He is VERY affectionate, but needs a little bit of time in order to trust you. Once you are in with this guy though he will be your best buddy. Obi takes treats gently, knows sit, and is learning stay and leash manners. He is also currently being crate trained. His favorite game is tug of war and (spoiler alert) you probably won’t win! Obi was not let out of his kennel once during the three months he was in the shelter and, because of this, he lacks socialization skills with other dogs. We think Obi would do well with one other submissive dog, but he seems to get overwhelmed with too many animals around. He has not been cat tested yet and we have not had him around small children as he is still very much decompressing. Obi will likely need an adopter who is willing to invest time in his training to help him learn socialization skills with other dogs. Please consider giving this sweet boy a loving forever home!


Biggie is a 3-4 year old black and white hippo…we mean pit bull. He has very unique markings and is clearly 10/10 on the handsome scale. Biggie likes big dogs and plays best with females. We do not recommend small dogs or cats for him. Biggie is currently in foster care, learning good house manners, and being treated for heart worms. Biggie absolutely adores all people and loves to have a good cuddle. He also likes to run and play. He will be a great addition to the right family.


This little adorable nugget is Layla! Layla is a 2-4 year old pit bull x lab mix. Layla is a very sweet and smart girl! She has impeccable household behaviors (no accidents, chewing, or barking), is clicker trained, and knows good manners (sit, wait, shake, walk in heel, etc.). Layla came into foster care with a lot of anxiety and fear behaviors (and the name Lisa). We have worked intensively with a trainer to help Layla realize that the world is not a scary place! Layla has made an amazing amount of progress and, according to our trainer, is like ‘a whole different dog.” Layla is dog friendly (and very playful), but can be scared when she meets other dogs on walks. Likewise, Layla can be scared of people when she first meets them. Slow introductions are needed for this girl. Once she warms up to you she wants nothing more than to be your best buddy. Layla takes doggie Prozac to help with her anxiety and we recommend that she stay on Prozac for at least three months once adopted. The prescription costs about $15/month and Layla will bring a one month supply with her to her new home. Layla would do best in a family that will maintain the training structure we have provided. She could do well with a doggie sibling as she loves to play, but a meet and greet would be required. Layla has passed initial cat tests and is interested in casts on walks, but doesn’t appear to have a prey drive. Still, we would recommend slow introductions to feline siblings and it’s likely that Layla will need some training to understand that kitties are friends. She could do well in a home with older children, but small children could cause her anxiety. Layla is an active dog that requires several walks a day, but she’s also quite content to play in the backyard with toys (which she LOVES). She has been crate trained (for short periods), but can be entirely trusted to be left at home by herself. Layla’s adoption fee will include a training session with her trainer to help her parents understand how to provide structure for her.